Why A Vital Care Infusion Pharmacy Is The Best Medical Franchise Opportunity

Why A Vital Care Infusion Pharmacy Is The Best Medical Franchise Opportunity

From urgent care franchises to home health franchises, medical franchise opportunities can be found in many different healthcare sectors. But which one is the best for someone looking for recession-proof cash flow from their business? Infusion providers had major wins in past recessions, and the industry continues to impress. As the 5th largest infusion provider in the country, Vital Care Infusion Services is also the fastest-growing pharmacy franchise for infusion services.

Infusion pharmacy services involve delivering and caring for patients with prescribed pharmaceutical drugs they take via an intravenous IV or injection. The number of drugs in this category expands every year. Many patients with chronic diseases rely on infusion pharmacies to deliver infusion medications that sustain them and help them manage their diagnosis. Infusion services are also used for the successful treatment of many acute diseases, outside of a hospital setting.

From the recession-proof business model to the community connection, a Vital Care infusion pharmacy franchise should be at the top of any medical franchise opportunity list. Check out our free report to review the most recent performance numbers. Read on for just a few reasons why infusion pharmacy is the best medical franchise opportunity.

The Most Recession-Proof (And Pandemic-Proof) Business Model for a Medical Franchise

We’ve seen lasting results from the 2020 pandemic that edged into 2021. While it is having lingering negative effects on many franchises in entertainment and food industries, infusion pharmacy grew exponentially in 2020. More patients wanted to prioritize staying away from the long waits at hospitals and doctors’ offices. With infusion pharmacies, patients can choose infusion suites, which are low-volume (less germs to spread!) centers, or they can be treated in the comfort of their own homes.

But, isn’t it difficult getting infusion therapy treatment covered by insurance? Unlike other medical franchises that might struggle to get services covered, Vital Care infusion pharmacies have the expertise and support of a clinical team. This team helps each Vital Care infusion pharmacy to jump through all the hoops necessary for each and every patient, ensuring the infusions prescribed are more likely to be covered. In fact, this is a major part of how Vital Care began when it began expanding into franchising.

So the patient push for non-hospital infusion services and insurance coverage for infusion services make a Vital Care infusion pharmacy the best medical franchise opportunity for a recession-proof franchise. But what about all the legwork to get patients covered? And isn’t infusion therapy too complicated?

Unparalleled Franchisee Support for a Medical Franchise Opportunity

Vital Care franchisees come from many backgrounds: nursing, retail pharmacy, healthcare management, pharmaceutical sales and more. Vital Care takes pride in providing best-in-class support for each and every franchisee. They offer a clinical and nutritional support team, operational team, and billing and revenue cycle team, along with sales and marketing support.

Vital Care helps each franchise pharmacy know what they need for each and every patient, helping to save them time and energy and reach more patients. Because of this unparalleled support, they see lots of patients and still manage to maintain a high quality of care in serving them. Patient care is the top priority for everyone at Vital Care and each Vital Care franchise location.

With enormous amounts of support, Vital Care pharmacies are able to launch their business, and get continued 24/7 support while growing their business. They can be confident as new business owners, knowing they have a supportive team to help them tackle anything that might come their way.

Infusion Industry Barriers Mean Less Competition… For Now

Infusion pharmacies can be complex and difficult to launch on your own. The accreditation and licensing process is draining and you need an expert to help you know how to prepare. It’s an awful feeling to work day and night, then discover you have not received the green light to start your infusion pharmacy. The process is tedious and not something you want to go alone.

Thankfully, this means there are more barriers to entry for infusion therapy, and so less competition for patient referrals. But, as the infusion industry gains speed, and the growth continues as projected, these barriers will not be as effective. The revenues will be worth any grueling process, and more people will be interested in getting into the infusion industry.

That’s why Vital Care is focused on fast growth. Our franchising team helps to pair prospective franchisees to the markets with the greatest opportunity available. Right now, markets across the country are available, but the longer you wait, the less likely a location will be available. See our growth territories map to find out if we’re expanding in your state soon.

Life-Giving, Community-Based Patient Care

Infusion care is like no other medical franchise opportunity. Patients depend on having infusion medications as prescribed, and they need qualified medical professionals to deliver these services. Each Vital Care infusion pharmacy acts as an important member of the patient’s care team.

Building trust with your local community by providing the highest quality infusion care is worth more than any potential revenue stream. Yes, Vital Care infusion pharmacies exist to succeed, and part of that is growing revenue. But there is no revenue without good community relationships and delivering on the promise to provide quality care.

The opportunity to touch patient lives on a daily basis is priceless. Our franchisees enjoy being able to have an active, clinical role in their patients’ health. Our franchise owners take pride in actively participating in and giving back to their local communities through charitable giving, supporting other local businesses, and more.

Learn More About Starting Your Vital Care Infusion Pharmacy

Want to know more about owning a Vital Care infusion pharmacy? We’d love to talk with you and help you discover an opportunity near you. Reach out via our contact form to start the discussion, and check out all of our previous research articles for more information.


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