Franchise Training: What Does Vital Care Offer?

Franchise Training: What Does Vital Care Offer?

Whether you are an infusion pharmacist, retail pharmacist or other professional in the healthcare industry, barriers to entering the infusion pharmacy market abound. Highly regulated, the infusion industry requires solid understanding of the local market and its payor landscape. Not to mention, you need a reliable back office staff that are trained in the nuance of getting prior authorizations and payments for patient infusions.

All this can be daunting when considering opening an infusion pharmacy. These issues started cropping up when the infusion industry began in the early 1980s, and Vital Care saw the problem it could solve. We began working with retail pharmacists interested in offering infusion care to their local communities. Our work helped these healthcare entrepreneurs increase patient access to necessary infusion services in underserved market areas.

The training Vital Care provides shows pharmacists and healthcare entrepreneurs step by step how to start their infusion pharmacy. We offer clinical, operational, sales and marketing training. What that means for our franchise owners is this: they greatly increase their speed to market and their staff expertise on launch.

Exceptional Clinical Franchise Training from Vital Care’s Clinical Support Team

Vital Care’s clinical expertise ensures top-quality patient care in each and every Vital Care location. The Vital Care clinical support team assists with multiple areas of franchise training for new and current locations. The clinical team includes nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and dieticians with wide-ranging backgrounds in infusion pharmacy. They work together with new sites as they prepare for accreditation, offering franchise training encompassing the whole patient care process.

This training prepares the locations to take a patient from the start of the referral all the way through discharge. All clinical training focuses on ensuring excellent patient care. Topics include:

  • Patient on-boarding
  • Record documentation
  • Types of venous access devices and equipment
  • Pump training,
  • Compounding/administration
  • and more…

Everyone on staff at each franchise location receives clinical training to some degree depending on their role at the Vital Care infusion pharmacy. Vital Care’s business model focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach, so even staff from intake to sales and marketing can partake in clinical training. Every Vital Care location differs in staff experience in infusion pharmacy. Because of this, the clinical support team tailors their training to suit the needs.

Every training includes both on-site support and virtual communication sessions. The clinical team makes themselves available in real-time for any issues that arise. The new staff participates in many one-on-one educational sessions for full engagement and comprehension. Vital Care’s clinical resources promoting industry best practices can also be used for reference as needed.

After the Vital Care infusion pharmacy location is operational, clinical training opportunities are available throughout the year. These webinars offer high-level clinical support for any new therapies or provide education on any new or changed information. Live training opportunities are also available yearly.

Multi-Disciplinary Operational Franchise Training from Vital Care’s Operations Team

Vital Care’s operational training provides a foundation for the Vital Care franchise staff to bring patients on service quickly and efficiently. Our operational training allows the staff and leadership of the franchise to launch with confidence. At opening, they can then focus their energy on serving patients and ensuring patient needs are met–not figuring out how to run their infusion pharmacy.

Multidisciplinary operational training provides the new franchise staff with the knowledge needed to streamline their processes, increase time efficiency, and ensure patient satisfaction. This is much faster than working to accomplish these goals without the over 30 years of experience Vital Care offers. Our franchise owners enjoy the ability to scale their operations and business more rapidly as a result of this training. Training includes:

  • Staff training
  • Staffing and workflow process guidance
  • Accreditation and Board of Pharmacy processes
  • Company policies
  • Training for Vital Care’s proprietary software platforms

Our operational support team tailors franchise training to individual needs, ensuring no time is wasted to get your Vital Care location up and running. Offered virtually and in-person, operational training staff takes time to cover all your individual questions and concerns. After the initial operational training is completed, Vital Care continues to offer operational support for many things, such as supporting the re-accreditation process, contracting support, proprietary software updates, and other operational needs.

Sales and Marketing Franchise Training for New Vital Care Locations

Vital Care’s sales and marketing franchise training ensures each location establishes a measurable and repeatable sales process upon opening. Through this process, Vital Care’s new franchise owners learn to effectively manage and scale their sales operations. Our sales process allows new owners to spend time across all business operations effectively.

We use a sales coaching model that helps to put this tried-and-true sales process in place. Part of our sales training includes education and materials on therapy-specific sales approaches, as well as goal setting and strategic sales planning. Our sales process helps new sales staff to understand the sales landscape of the infusion industry and provides winning strategies to navigate this.

Not only do we train sales staff, but we also include management and franchise owners in our sales training process. At the end of the day, everyone in the business is selling infusion services and support. It’s important that every person who might be engaging with referral sources and patients understand the responsibility to represent Vital Care in the best way possible.

Our sales training covers an 8-week timespan, and conveniently offered virtually to participants. During the weekly training calls, we cover:

  • Implementing a weekly sales routine
  • Establishing sales goals and benchmarks
  • Individualized recommendations for your sales reps and franchise

After initial training, sales support is offered with weekly sales coaching calls for sales staff and owners across the Vital Care network. In addition to these calls, Vital Care has also offered a 2-day sales bootcamp annually covering many infusion sales topics. We routinely bring in supply chain partners and other industry experts to share strategies and information relevant to our sales targets.

Unparalleled Franchise Training for Starting and Scaling Your Vital Care Infusion Pharmacy Business

Vital Care offers best-in-class training for those looking to own and operate an infusion pharmacy business. Our experience and expertise in infusion therapies, infusion pharmacy operations, and infusion sales give Vital Care locations an ability to scale their operations much faster than those deciding to go it alone. We tailor training to each new franchise location’s particular needs, helping each owner to be quick to market with their infusion services.

Are you considering opening an infusion pharmacy? Do you see an unmet need for infusion services in your area? The first step is to research more and see if the Vital Care infusion pharmacy opportunity is right for you. Download our free report on Vital Care’s revenues and success. Read our research articles and get to know the Vital Care culture on our podcast. Do your beginning research and decide why you want to own a Vital Care infusion pharmacy.

When you’re ready, reach out to the team on our contact page. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals and timeline to see if the Vital Care opportunity is a good fit for you.


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