Can Home Infusion Software Increase Your Infusion Pharmacy Revenues?

Can Home Infusion Software Increase Your Infusion Pharmacy Revenues?

Home infusion software, like Vital Care’s proprietary infusion pharmacy software, can assist with processing, delivery, and inventory data, and more. Our infusion software and IT systems can help streamline your prescription and inventory management. We focus on supporting our Vital Care pharmacies in cutting-edge technologies that free up time for pharmacists to focus on patient care and patient retention. Central to this support is our IT infrastructure, which is foundational to our franchisee success.

Vital Care’s infusion pharmacy software and IT systems address billing and revenue reporting, patient workflows, prescription and inventory management, and more. The tools provided to Vital Care infusion pharmacies also come with an IT support team, available to answer questions and troubleshoot technology issues as they arise. This highly accessible team of IT professionals are key to the success of Vital Care pharmacies, which rely on modern software systems to function efficiently.

More Than Simple Home Infusion Software

Many stellar options for home infusion software exist. But, is the best infusion software out there enough to help your infusion pharmacy succeed? Likely not. The success of infusion pharmacies more likely relies on:

  • Knowing your market and referral sources well,
  • Leveraging volume product discounts and payor relationships
  • Using systems and processes for efficiency
  • Optimizing revenue cycle management
  • Expertise in infusion industry sales

We can all agree there’s more to a successful infusion pharmacy than implementing a new software system. If only it were that simple! There would be many more infusion pharmacies open today if that were the case.

So, while infusion pharmacies can expect a boost from using a more helpful software tool… it’s not a magic bullet for launching or improving infusion pharmacy revenues. What if there was a way to check off all those bullets in the list above, in one fell swoop?

The System and Processes Infusion Pharmacies Need to Succeed

Vital Care developed a system to help infusion pharmacies succeed way back in 1986. They’ve been successfully guiding hard working entrepreneurs in their efforts to own and operate their own Vital Care infusion pharmacy for more than 30 years. Imagine starting off a business with 30 years of experience under your belt as opposed to zero years…what a difference!

Whether you’re looking to expand into infusion pharmacy or trying to manage your current infusion patients, Vital Care offers a proven system for success in the infusion pharmacy industry. Just listen to a few of our Vital Care infusion pharmacy owners talk about their experiences.

Before you jump to find a software for your infusion patient management, reach out to the team at Vital Care. We’ll talk about your infusion pharmacy goals first. Then we’ll share how Vital Care can not only provide cutting-edge IT solutions, but also a system and pathway to building a strong, healthy infusion pharmacy business.

If you’re not ready to reach out yet, keep researching about the Vital Care infusion pharmacy opportunity. Check out our podcast with real stories from real Vital Care franchise owners.


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