Do I Need To Be A Pharmacist To Invest In Vital Care?

Do I Need To Be A Pharmacist To Invest In Vital Care?

Entrepreneurs with no experience in the infusion pharmacy industry can succeed with a Vital Care Infusion Services franchise. The Vital Care franchise is an exciting opportunity for all entrepreneurs, with or without prior pharmacy or infusion experience.

You don’t need to be a pharmacist to own and operate a Vital Care location. Our franchisees come from a variety of different backgrounds from healthcare administration to sales and business development. But, all of our franchise owners have one thing in common, and that is a passion for infusion patient care.

Vital Care Changed The Infusion Pharmacy Industry

Before Vital Care transformed the infusion services business model, the majority of infusion pharmacies were owned by pharmacists. Many had trouble handling the billing and insurance coverage side of the business. They were running down insurance companies for payment or not offering certain therapies that were difficult to get covered.

When Vital Care began to support local infusion pharmacies, things rapidly started to change. Now, owners of infusion pharmacies were not spending hours on billing and insurance issues every week. Now, there was growing access to local infusion services for patients in more underserved areas. If you’re looking to own an impactful business that meets the growing need for infusion patient care, then the Vital Care franchise is your best investment opportunity.

Vital Care Is a Simple, Proven Business Model

We help our franchise owners excel in business. Since 1986, we perfected our business operations, and that wisdom is imparted to each and every business owner. As part of the franchise application, we assist you in identifying the best role for you in operating your Vital Care franchise. Whether it’s an investor owner, owner-operator, or owner-pharmacist, Vital Care supports you in selecting your best role.

Our back-office support for billing and managing insurance claims means every Vital Care franchise requires less staff to operate. We even provide top clinical advice with our team of pharmacists and nurses trained in the therapies our Vital Care franchises offer. Our knowledge of infusion therapy helps your staff with insurance coverage, care consults, and more.

You Can Hire a Pharmacist to Help You Operate Your Business

Since many potential owners don’t have any pharmaceutical experience, they probably don’t have any experience hiring a pharmacist. Vital Care’s exceptional leadership team offers training and guidance for you as you recruit the right pharmacist for your infusion pharmacy. Pharmacists enjoy working for Vital Care pharmacies because of the opportunity to provide clinical care, our expert clinical support, and our comprehensive insurance billing program. As a result, Vital Care pharmacists spend more time providing compassionate infusion care instead of worrying about getting paid by insurance companies.

“With mostly word-of-mouth marketing, we’ve had great success. Franchise owners tell their friends about their success, and they want in. Franchise owners see the impact and success they’re having, and they want to expand to another location,” says Logan Davis, PharmD, MBA, director of franchise development at Vital Care.

“When they see how we help provide patient access to more therapies they need, saving them money with out-of-hospital care, it’s very easy to want to join Vital Care. Our business model allows for an expansion of infusion pharmacy care like never before.”

Our Infusion Pharmacy Franchise Offers Unrivaled Support

Whether you have industry experience or not, all you need to have is good business acumen and Vital Care will teach you the rest. In over 30 years of helping infusion pharmacies succeed in providing excellent care and patient access, we have created one of the most robust training programs in the industry. You get the resources and expertise to know how to operate every aspect of your infusion pharmacy from sales, to how to effectively communicate with and hire pharmacists, and much more.

“I could not imagine owning [an infusion] pharmacy without the Vital Care corporate office’s support,” says Marcie Parker, owner of multiple Vital Care infusion pharmacies. To hear more stories from franchise owners, read other franchise owner interviews on our blog.

Are You Ready to Bring Access to the Best Infusion Services to Your Community?

The first step is to research more and make sure the Vital Care infusion pharmacy opportunity is right for you. Download our free report on Vital Care’s revenues and success. Read our research articles and get to know the Vital Care culture on our podcast. Do your beginning research and decide why you want to own a Vital Care infusion pharmacy.

When you’re ready, reach out to the team on our contact page. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals and timeline to see if the Vital Care opportunity is a good fit for you.


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